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If you are from Ohio and wondering if the 1 hour Payday Loan you see in the city can help solve your money problem, the answer is yes. Payday loan provides people with a temporary solution, which is why considering this option when you have no other resources is not a bad idea. This article talks about Payday Loan in Ohio.

The average loan that consumers can apply for is between $100 to $500 but there are payday loans that allow people to borrow the maximum loan set forth by the lending act, which is $1, 000. So, if you need more than this, you should consider looking for other means as well as the state regulates payday loan to one loan per borrower. In other words, you cannot apply for another loan with another company.


$100 up to $2000

In Ohio, they allow only one payday loan at a time per borrower and even have a maximum limit of 4 loans for a year. This regulation was created by the State of Ohio to prevent abuse of the system. After all, a person constantly applying for payday loans and more than one in a given time can get into deeper financial problems than before they first applies for a loan.


How To Apply for 1 Hour Payday Loan In Ohio


  • If you are planning to apply for a loan, make sure you have a checking account or at least a savings account to qualify for a loan, especially with online 1 hour payday loan.
  • A proof of income is required, which is why you have to have a job as the regular paycheck you received is the proof that you can repay your loan. By the way, some payday loans may ask for your Social Security Benefits as another form of income.
  • Choose your payday company wisely, whether you are planning to apply online or storefront.
  • Apply for a 1 Hour payday loan in Ohio, when you have exhausted all possible means.


Take a note that it is possible to get approval for loan within 1 hour, but money will be transferred in to your account in most cases by end of the next business day.


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