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Are you wondering about payday loans laws in Nebraska? If you lived in the state of Nebraska, and planning to get a loan, it is necessary that you know about the lending laws as this could affect your decision to take out a loan. This article deal with payday loans laws, written to help residents become more knowledgeable about their loan options, especially when it comes to payday loans.

Payday loans are short term, unsecured and made against the incoming paycheck of borrowers. It usually come with high interest rate, and most often than not it is easy for borrowers to get a loan even if they have a bad credit score, as they do not use the history of the person as the only basis for approval.

The Nebraska Payday Loan Laws

The state of Nebraska legally acknowledged payday loan in 1994, but according to the law, the payday lenders must be physically located in the city or state. The Internet payday loans by Nebraska laws are not permitted in Nebraska to operate as the requirements include license to operate with a bond amounting to $50,000. They should also have ready cash of $25,000, licenses cost $500, plus additional $125 for additional branch. Licenses are renewable every year.

Nebraska Loan Terms

The payday lenders charge about $15 fees for every $100 loan. Additionally, for a loan of $100 payable in 14 days, the finance charge is $17.65 and that is roughly about 459% APR. In accordance with the state of Nebraska, payday lenders are required to notify borrowers of the fees charged and there must be a written agreement that indicates the said fees. However, unlike other states, Nebraska also does not require lenders TILA disclosure.

Nebraska Loan Limits

The payday loan limit in Nebraska is $500, and borrowers allowed two payday loans at a given time. The term is up to 31 days and no roll over allowed, so there is no consolidation or refinance of loan. In case the postdated check was returned by the bank, the lender can charge additional nonsufficient funds fee of $15.


Payday Loans Laws, Nebraska (NE) Payday Loans Laws, Nebraska (NE)
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