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The state of Vermont in 2010 outlawed payday loans, just like what some of the states in the country did. However, even if payday loans is illegal, one can still obtain a short term loan as the laws have loopholes that allows businesses to engage in this practice to operate freely.

Payday loans or cash advance are small dollar loans, with triple annual interest rate the reason why it is illegal in the state. You see, under the small loan act, any financial institution providing short term loan could not charge more than 18% interest rate.

The state prohibits exorbitant rates so no borrower could get trapped in paying their loans, which is the common problem of many individuals who default on their loan.

Small Loan Act

In Vermont, no companies can charge their borrowers more than 18% annual percentage rate whether these are banks or small lenders like payday companies. It is a fact that payday lenders charges more, which is why they are not allowed to operate in the state unless they charge the same rate they did in other state that legalized payday loans.

Where To Apply for A Small Loans In Vermont?

Though payday loans are illegal, there are lenders that still operate in the state and these are businesses with out of state headquarters. Borrowing money from payday loan companies with out of town interest rate is possible, so in reality payday loans online is also legal.

So, when you need to get instant loan to pay for your credit card debts, medical emergencies, and routine expenses just apply for a loan online for hassle free service and fast service. No need to worry about payday loans laws in Vermont, as long as the lenders follow the laws of the state.

Payday loans are the solution for unforeseen expenses and temporary money problem, no doubt about it.


Payday Loans Laws, Vermont (VT) Payday Loans Laws, Vermont (VT)
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