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If you are residing in New York and would want to obtain a short-term instant loan, know that cash advance also known as payday loans are prohibited in the state. However, just because the state of New York prohibits these types of loans does not necessarily mean that you cannot take advantage of payday loans when you badly need it. This article talks about the present laws covering payday loans.

New York State prohibits cash advance or payday loans because these loans go against the usury laws, wherein the interest rate is cap at 16%. Furthermore, cashing checks with future dates also prohibited, so payday loan lenders cannot do business in the state as they charges more than the maximum APR set in the usury law.

If Payday Loans Prohibited In New York Then Storefront Lenders Are Illegal?

$100 up to $2000

Payday lenders operating locally collaborate with banks to go over the law, while others operate online and deliver the borrowers loans via electronic transfer. Online payday lenders are not violating any New York laws, as their main business is not in the state but elsewhere where these loans are legal and just exporting the home state rate and terms to the state of New York.

What Is The Maximum Loan Amount and Loan Terms In New York?

There is neither maximum loan limit nor terms because payday loans legally prohibited in the state. So, cash advance or payday companies can charge interest that a borrower would willingly pay, as long as the set fees within the usury cap of 25% per annum. Rollovers or extensions are also according to the payday lenders discretion. As far as APR and fees schedule is concern, the state does not prescribe any as well so ask the payday lenders your applying before signing up for a loan.


Payday Loans Laws, New York (NY) Payday Loans Laws, New York (NY)
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