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Oregon just like other U.S states make payday loans legal, so anytime you need money to tide you over the next paycheck or you badly needed to repair your house immediately then applying for a loan online or through local payday lender is highly recommended. But of course, it is necessary that you know the laws pertaining to this type of loan so as to minimize the danger.

Payday loan is unsecured, short term loan repayable in 30 days or less. This type of loan usually covered by borrowers with postdated checks or authorization giving lenders right to debit the loan and principal from the account of the said customer. Payday lenders that offer fast cash advance against the next paycheck usually comes with high interest rates. Thus, the state of Oregon, enacted laws that will regulate payday lenders and the industry from abusing borrowers as well as reduce the possible risks.

Payday Loan Limit is 30 percent of the monthly income of the borrowers or $700 maximum. The state of Oregon requires lenders to verify the income of their customers and at the same time, restrict the amount of the loan by basing the approval according to the earning capacity of an individual.

$100 up to $2000

Furthermore, under the state of Oregon, it is prohibited to take out multiple loans to ensure that borrower will be able to pay their debt on time. In other words, one cannot apply from different lenders to borrow money, and since a database that track borrowers loans, it is easy for lender to check if a person has outstanding loans. In case there is an existing debt, yet to be paid then lender automatically deny loan application according the payday loan laws.

In Oregon, borrowers can only take out a loan eight times per year, so if you have borrowed 8 times in one calendar, then you cannot apply again for the 9th time and this is called cooling period. When it comes to loan default, borrowers with loan balances that is less than $400 (including interest and principal) can apply for repayment that spans for 90 days and loan more than $400 is 180 days. The installment plan no longer includes any fees, just the remaining loan balance.


Payday Loans Laws, Oregon (OR) Payday Loans Laws, Oregon (OR)
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